Stea 7

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Food supplement specially formulated to promote liver function 

Health Purposes:

Thanks to the properties of its components, which have antioxidant and hepatoprotective action, Stea 7 it is particularly useful for naturally supporting liver function by helping to reduce the accumulation of lipids within the liver cells.


  • Desmodium adscendens extract. dry (tit. 0.5% in BIOFLAVONOIDS) e Desmodium plant : hepatoprotective and anti-inflammatory action, reduction of arachidonic acid oxidation
  • Betaine extract. dry : methylation activator, precursor of SAM. It promotes the protection and repair of toxic and infectious damage to the liver, heart and kidney parenchyma.
  • Milk thistle extract dry (tit. 80% silymarin): antifibrotic, antioxidant, promotes the regeneration process of the liver parenchyma.
  • Silymarin phytosome ® : hepatoprotective action, protects the liver from free radicals and toxic intermediate metabolites and increases the synthesis of glutathione. Silymarin is phytosomed, greatly increasing its bioavailability and therefore its effectiveness
  • Extract rosemary dry (tit. 15% rosemary acid): antioxidant, choleretic and cholagogue
  • Extracted green tea dry (tit. 65% EGCG and < 0.5% caffeine): antioxidant, anti-inflammatory
  • Inositol: antilipemic, contributes to fat metabolism and helps reduce blood cholesterol levels.
  • Vegetable capsule

How to use:

1 capsule twice a day before main meals.


bottle of 40 capsules


The product was used in the clinical study conducted by the San Matteo Hospital of Pavia, Outpatient Service Division of Infectious and Tropical Diseases with excellent results in the treatment of Hepatic Steatosis (NAFLD and NASH). Keep in a cold and dry place.

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Paraf code: A927234359

Desmodium dry extract 345 mg
Betaine 214 mg
Milk thistle ex. dry 169 mg
Silymarin phytosome 160 mg
Desmodium herb 126 mg
Dry rosemary extract 48mg
Green tea dry extract 20 mg
Inositol 18 mg