Microbiotin Fiber

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Microbiotin fiber is the prebiotic designed to promote intestinal eubiosis, improving the biodiversity of the
microbiota, controlling the excessive prevalence of anaerobic fermentation-type bacterial species
putrefactive, without causing unwanted effects such as swelling or excessive fermentation often induced
from common dietary fibres.

Microbiotin Fibra was born from the concept that the use of probiotics, although effective, when not
supported by adequate quantities of specific prebiotics can sometimes be ineffective, also due to
of the high sensitivity of the encapsulated strains to variations in pH and temperature.

The use of Microbiotin fiber helps improve the robustness and plasticity of the microbiota, "organ"
involved in the response of the immune system, the correct assimilation of nutrients, to promote the sense
of satiety by indirectly regulating the integrity of the intestinal mucosa and chronic low-grade inflammation .