Lymphatic Micotherapy Activation of the lymphatic system

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Pack of 90 capsules.

Food supplement based on organically grown Polyporus umbellatus (IT BIO 006), bromelain and plant extracts, useful in promoting the functionality of the microcirculation and the drainage of body fluids, counteracting situations of water retention .


The lymphatic system is made up of a complex system of vessels, very similar to the venous and arterial circulatory system. Unlike blood, lymph is not pushed by cardiac activity, but flows through the vessels thanks to movement. It extends throughout the body and originates from a thin network of lymphatic capillaries located in the extracellular space; along the path, lymph nodes appear at regular intervals, like a filtration system.
A properly functioning lymphatic system guarantees adequate "cleaning" of the extracellular matrix immersed in the interstitial fluid, in order to prevent cellular intoxication. Since the extracellular matrix is ​​a primary bioregulatory system, it is essential that it remains "clean" to ensure communication between cells, systems and organs and therefore the maintenance of the organism's homeostasis.
The remedies contained in this formulation have a marked tropism for the lymphatic and venous system, favoring the toxic drainage of the body's tissues. They thus contribute to reducing situations of lymphatic and venous stasis, swelling, edema and water retention.
Polyporus umbellatus is a mushroom with a diuretic action, which exerts its action especially in the presence of water retention, edema and difficulty urinating. From the studies carried out it emerged that Polyporus does not cause side effects as it allows the elimination of sodium and chlorine but preserves potassium. Useful in the presence of lymphatic stasis.
Centella dry extract: improves venous circulation by stimulating fibroblasts, cells that regenerate collagen, a fundamental substance for the health of many body tissues. Useful for improving situations of peripheral venous insufficiency, cramps, hemorrhoids and cellulite
Bromelain extracted from pineapple stems: proteolytic, antithrombotic, anti-inflammatory action. Useful for supporting mild inflammatory states of soft tissues and in the treatment of localized inflammatory conditions, particularly in the presence of edema.
Sweet clover dry extract (tit. 20% coumarins): acts on the walls of the veins, reducing their permeability and increasing capillary resistance. It improves venous return and lymphatic circulation, demonstrating anti-inflammatory and anti-edematous activity. Useful in the presence of hemorrhoids, varicose veins, thrombophlebitis and lymphatic stasis.

How to use

Two capsules 2 times a day, preferably between meals.
keep in a cold and dry place.

Nutritional information