Micotherapy BM (Body Mind) Psycho-physical rebalancing

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Pack of 60 capsules.

Food supplement based on Reishi from organic farming (IT BIO 006), plant extracts and group B vitamins in natural form. Thanks to the synergy of its components, Micotherapy BM has a calming action, naturally reducing states of anxiety, helping to improve the quality of sleep and the ability to manage psychophysical stress, helping to provide greater mental clarity.


Also called "mushroom of a thousand years" or "mushroom of immortality because it is believed to promote longevity, Reishi is traditionally considered a remedy capable of restoring the balance of the organism by improving resistance to diseases. It also acts on the nervous system and on the release of endogenous endorphins, carrying out a natural calming action, improving the quality of sleep and the body's ability to recover.
The dry extract of St. John 's wort promotes relaxation and mental well-being, contributing to normal mood. It is commonly used in situations of mild or moderate depression, accompanied by anxiety, tiredness, loss of appetite and sleep disturbances.
Passion flower has a calming and sedative action on the central nervous system, with important effects in situations of stress, nervousness and insomnia and Centella has an anti-inflammatory action and increases cerebral oxygenation, improving mental clarity, concentration and sleep rhythms. The formulation is completed by a complex of B vitamins in a natural and highly bioavailable form, important in maintaining balance and protecting the nervous system, both from a structural and functional point of view.

How to use

2-4 capsules per day preferably between meals.
keep in a cold and dry place.

Nutritional information