Micotherapy Auricularia Protection of blood vessels

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Pack of 90 capsules.

Micotherapy Auricularia is a food supplement based on Auricularia from organic farming (IT BIO 006) – Made in Europe Useful in promoting the maintenance of normal circulatory functions.


Judae auricularia auricula (also called Mu ehr in China or kikurage in Japan), is a very interesting mushroom. After Reishi, Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) and Cordyceps, it is one of the mushrooms with the highest antioxidant value.
The popular name "Judas' ear" derives from the legend which tells that the mushroom took this form due to the curse of the tree on which Judas Iscariot, the apostle who betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver, hanged himself overwhelmed by the senses of guilt. Both Judas and the Auricularia “hang” from a tree. The taxonomic name Auricularia means "ear" and auricula-judae means "Judas' ear".
Auricularia is very present in Oriental cuisine and in Chinese restaurant menus where it is called "wood ear mushroom" or also "cloud ear mushroom". It is often found dried in specialized shops and when soaked again it takes on its gelatinous consistency again.
Precisely for this characteristic it is also called "Jelly fungus".
The most recently given scientific name is Hirneola auricula. It is a saprote decomposer fungus, unlike other gelatinous fungi such as Tremella which are parasites, which creates a mutualistic relationship (mycorrhizae fungus) with the trees on which it grows.
It has significant antioxidant activity through the activation of SOD at both the liver and brain levels and glutathione levels
The fruiting body of Auricularia is rich in melanin; this is also why it is called "black food" in China. Melanin has a powerful antioxidant action
  • It has vasodilation effects aimed at regulating blood pressure
  • increased blood flow in vessels, mainly arteries
  • blood thinning.

How to use

One capsule 3 times a day before meals.
keep in a cold and dry place.

Nutritional information