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Food supplement based on Turmeric Meriva ® and Casperome ® (Boswellia phytosomal extract with high titration of boswellic acids)


Thanks to the properties and high bioavailability of its natural components, Flogisen improves joint function and localized states of tension, helping muscles and joints to counteract the inflammation caused by cellular aging. Particularly useful in case of joint, muscle and tendon pain.

Component Properties:

  • Casperome ® phytosome (Boswellia serrata dry extract tit. ≥ 25% boswellic acid: inhibits the synthesis of leukotrienes. Useful in skin inflammation (psoriasis, eczema), mucosal inflammation (ulcerative colitis, asthma, Crohn's), counteracts neuroinflammation. Antioxidant action
  • Meriva ® phytosome (Curcuma longa dry extract tit. 20% in curcuminoids): anti-inflammatory (arthritis, arthrosis), useful for the elimination of AGEs and heavy metals, for liver detoxification. Antioxidant action
  • Extracted ginger dry tit. 5% in gingerols: anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory (arthritis, arthrosis), stimulates Phase II liver detoxification enzymes. Anti-nausea action, lowers blood sugar. Counteracts neuroinflammation, useful in cases of atherosclerosis and hypertension. Antioxidant action



  • Casperome ® : Boswellia phytosome (Boswellia serrata Roxb. gum resin dry extract tit. ≥ 25% boswellic acids, soy phospholipids ), Meriva ® : Turmeric phytosome (Curcuma Longa L. rhizome dry extract tit. 20% in curcuminoids; phospholipids of soya ), Ginger extract. dry (Zingiber officinale Roscoe rhizome) extr. dry tit. 5% gingerols; micronized silica, magnesium stearate; vegetable capsule (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose).

 How to use:

1 capsule 2 times a day preferably during meals


bottle of 40 capsules


keep in a cold and dry place.

EAN code: A973731096

Medium content of characterizing ingredients

per daily dose


For 2 capsules

Casperome ® (Boswellia fitosomata)

Boswellic acid intake

588 mg

147 mg

Meriva ® (Phospholipid Turmeric)

Supply of curcuminoids

588 mg

117.6 mg

Extracted ginger dry

Contribution of gingerols

196 mg

9.8 mg