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Herbal extract in energized water useful in promoting drainage and purification of the liver


Epativo is a plant-based food supplement with a hepatoprotective, cholagogue and purifying action, useful in assisting digestive and hepatobiliary function.


  • Water energized with the Ojas system
  • Burdock root : purifying, diuretic, sudorific
  • Boldo leaves: cholagogue, diuretic, carminative, choleretic
  • Artichoke leaves: choleretic, cholagogue, diuretic.
  • Chamomile flowers : antispasmodic, digestive, diuretic
  • Chicory root : purifying, digestive
  • Gramigna root : purifying, diuretic
  • Horehound top : purifying, hepatoprotector
  • Plantain leaves: antispasmodic, emollient, purifying, diuretic
  • Rhubarb root: cholagogue, choleretic, purifying, digestive
  • Romice root : purifying, restorative, digestive
  • Rosemary leaves : cholagogue, antispasmodic, digestive
  • Yarrow top : antispasmodic, digestive, antihemorrhagic
  • Milk thistle top : hepatoprotective, antisteatotic, cholagogue, choleretic
  • Barberry bark: cholagogue, purifying, stomachic
  • Elecampane root : diuretic, choleretic, cholagogue, digestive
  • Fumitory herb : purifying, digestive, stomachic, diuretic
  • Hop inflorescences : purifying, digestive, antispasmodic
  • Horseradish root: liver purifier, diuretic, vitaminic
  • Sarsaparilla root : purifying, diuretic
  • Meadowsweet : diuretic, purifying
  • Dandelion root : cholagogue, purifying, diuretic
  • Vilucchio leaves : cholagogue, laxative
  • Corn stigmas: diuretic, purifying
  • Acidifiers: lactic acid, citric acid

How to use:

15 ml twice a day before meals, pure or diluted with water. Shake before using


500 ml bottle


keep in a cold and dry place. After opening the bottle, store in the refrigerator and consume within 30 days.

inserted in the register of integrators: code 48330

Paraf. Code: A931448498

Burdock leaves 270 mg
Boldo leaves 270 mg
Artichoke leaves 270 mg
Chamomile flowers 270 mg
Chicory leaves 270 mg
Bermuda grass root 270 mg
Horehound flowering tops 270 mg
Plantain leaves 270 mg
Rhubarb root 270 mg
Romice root 270 mg
Rosemary leaves 270 mg
Yarrow flowering tops 135 mg
Milk thistle top 135 mg
Barberry bark 135 mg
Elecampane root 135 mg
Fumitory grass 135 mg
Hops inflorescences 135 mg
Horseradish root 135 mg
Sarsaparilla root 135 mg
Meadowsweet top 135 mg
Dandelion root 135 mg
Vilucchio root 135 mg
Corn stigmas 135 mg