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Herbal extract in energized water, useful in promoting the physiological functionality of the urinary tract and the drainage of body fluids


Diurephit is a food supplement based on plants and plant extracts, known for their diuretic and purifying properties. The presence of birch and juniper bud extracts which promote diuresis and the elimination of uric acids complete the action of the product, making it particularly useful in promoting the drainage of body fluids and assisting renal function.


  • Water energized with the Ojas system
  • Sweet apple extract : natural sweetener made from apple sugar
  • Asparagus root : diuretic.
  • Corn stigmas ext. dry : diuretic, sedative of urinary irritations, cholagogue.
  • Juniper berries : diuretic and antiseptic properties.
  • Cherry peduncles: diuretic, refreshing
  • Birch leaves : diuretic, useful in cases of obesity, cellulite, gout
  • Butcher's broom root : diuretic, hypotensive, anti-inflammatory, effective in functional disorders of veno-lymphatic insufficiency, water retention, varicosities in the lower limbs
  • Goldenrod top : diuretic, purifying
  • Gramigna root : purifying, diuretic, refreshing
  • Ortosiphon leaves : increases diuresis and urinary excretion of nitrogenous compounds, helps to combat dyslipidemia Ash dry extract: diuretic, anti-inflammatory
  • Dandelion extract dry tit. 2% inulin : diuretic, choleretic, tonic and laxative Gemmoderivatives of:
  • Betula verrucosa sap (Birch): increases diuresis and promotes the elimination of uric acids
  • Juniperus communis young shoots (Juniper): stimulates renal function by increasing diuresis and normalizes the osmotic balance. Used in case of renal failure with water retention
  • Acidifiers: lactic acid, citric acid
  • Aroma

How to use:

15 ml twice a day between meals, or dilute 30 ml of product in 500 ml of water and consume during the day. Shake before using


500 ml bottle


keep in a cold and dry place. After opening the bottle, store in the refrigerator and consume within 30 days.

EAN code: A907355162

Asparagus root 600 mg
Extracted corn dry 600 mg
Juniper berries 450 mg
Cherry peduncles
450 mg
Birch leaves 300 mg
Butcher's broom root 300 mg
Goldenrod top 300 mg
Bermuda grass root 300 mg
Orthosiphon leaves 300 mg
Dry extracted ash 75 mg

Dandelion dry extract tit 2%

75 mg

Birch warty sap 75 mg
Juniperus communis young shoots 75 mg