Actigerm Immunforte

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Food supplement based on dry plant extracts, traditionally used to stimulate physiological defense capabilities, counteracting disorders that affect the body especially in the cold season

Health purposes:

Thanks to the combined action of its components, Actigerm Immunforte helps to naturally protect the body from external aggressions.


  • Tabebuia east. dry (tit. 3% naphthoquinones)
  • Echinacea extract dry (tit. 4% in echinacoside)
  • Olive extract dry (tit. 15% oleuropein)
  • Actigerm: concentrated extract tit. at 15% in rosmarinic acid from Thymus vulgare, Rosmarinus officinalis, Salvia lavandulifolia, Origanum vulgare
  • Uncaria east. dry (tit. 3% oxindole alkaloids)
  • Maitake East. dry (tit. 10% mucopolysaccharides)
  • Grapefruit seeds dry extract (tit. 50% in polyphenolic compounds)

    Component Properties:

    • Tabebuia : immunostimulant, adaptogen, antifungal
    • Echinacea : good non-specific immunostimulating action. Several studies have shown that the plant is able to strengthen the body's defenses against flu or fever syndromes, involving the upper respiratory tract. It can be used both in the prevention of infectious diseases of the upper airways and in ongoing disease.
    • Olive est. dry (tit. 15% in oleuropein): febrifuge, antibacterial and immunostimulant action
    • Actigerm (concentrated extract titrated at 15% in rosmarinic acid of Thymus vulgare, Rosmarinus officinalis, Salvia lavandulifolia, Origanum vulgare): equipped with strong antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, it can be useful in counteracting disorders affecting the respiratory system and the cord Oral.
    • Uncaria : immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory.
    • Maitake East. dry (tit. 10% mucopolysaccharides): immunomodulatory, adaptogenic and anti-inflammatory.
    • Grapefruit seeds: anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and antimicrobial.

    How to use:

    2 capsules per day, preferably in the morning before breakfast.


    60 capsules


    keep in a cold and dry place

    Paraf. code: A902108671

    Tabebuia est. dry 82.5 mg
    Echinacea extract dry 82.5 mg
    Olive extract dry 55.0 mg
    Actigerm 55.0 mg
    Extracted gentian dry 27.5 mg
    Uncaria est. dry 27.5 mg
    Maitake extr. dry 27.5 mg
    Grapefruit seeds extract. dry 27.5 mg