Wellbeing-Pre and Probiotics

The intestinal microflora has been defined as "the set of germs that live in the intestinal lumen and which contribute to the state of health of the host". The bacterial flora is essential for the development and complete maturation of the immune system.
Stress, excessive, insufficient or unbalanced nutrition, indiscriminate use of drugs, can cause intestinal dysbiosis. Maintaining the balance of the bacterial ecosystem in the gastrointestinal tract means effectively contributing to the preservation of a good state of health: this can be done through good hygiene and food standards, but also through the use of live lactic ferments (probiotics). The term "lactic ferments" derives from their ability to produce lactic acid from carbohydrates, through an enzymatic process with fermentation: scholars currently agree that the intake of probiotics constitutes an ideal supplement to the diet as it can help the microsystem to stay functional.
The intake of lactic ferments is useful not only in the presence or in anticipation of alterations in the balance of the intestinal microflora (intake of antibiotics, travel to tropical areas) but can also give excellent results in patients who suffer from the typical symptoms of excessive production of gas (abdominal bloating, distention and flatulence). The production of gas, in fact, depends not only on the type of diet, but also on the bacterial flora.
Physiological effects of probiotics:
- regulation of nutrient assimilation
- increase in immune defenses
- reduction of lactose intolerance
- decrease in serum cholesterol
- antidiarrhea effects
- improve intestinal transit
- synthesize B vitamins and B12
- they keep the intestinal walls intact, preventing them from being attacked by pathogens
- useful for the synthesis of essential fatty acids.
Our probiotics are characterized not only by their high quality and high concentration in live lactic ferments, but also by the freshness of the products, guaranteed by the frequent production of small batches. The degree of humidity is constantly monitored to ensure stability for a longer time.
Continuous research for the development of new technologies has led to the formulation of probiotics, such as ACTICOLON and ACTICOLON 0/12 , based on live gastro-protected lactic ferments.