- Ozone, an unstable allotropic variety of oxygen, has been used for a long time and with undisputed success for therapeutic purposes, being a source of ACTIVE OXYGEN.
- The instability of "active oxygen" is by-passed by fixing the ozone at different "levels", keeping it stable with a technology that allows it to be released at the appropriate time to biological substrates. Vegetable oils have proven to be the best carriers of "active oxygen", given the ease with which ozone reacts with the double bonds of fatty acid chains forming "ozonides", the molecules responsible for the positive effects as sources of active oxygen .

- The gradual and controlled release of "active oxygen" induces and stimulates endogenous defense mechanisms, preventing skin aging and promoting turnover. Ozone therefore helps us fight the body's oxidative phenomena such as aging, degenerative and proliferative diseases and inflammation because it defends us from free radicals and is also one of the most powerful virucides and bactericides in existence.
- In the cosmetic field, ozonated oil, due to its excellent oxygenating abilities, is active in skin blemishes: by rebalancing the epidermal hydrolipidic film it hydrates and protects the skin from external agents and creates an antioxidant reaction in the cells, obtaining an anti-aging benefit.


- We know that oxygen on earth is the origin of life, but we also know that it is the origin of aging. The balance is maintained if the cellular antioxidant systems do not succumb.
- Ozone causes a fleeting stimulation in cells that has no oxidizing effects, so the result is a stimulation of antioxidant systems. This means that with ozone we defend ourselves from free radicals through an endogenous production of antioxidants and secondarily a production of nascent oxygen. Free radicals are formed in almost all diseases and are the basis of aging